Processing techniques / Manufacturing / CNC

Processing techniques / Manufacturing

We are able to support activities in different fields such as:

  • foundry
  • mechanical workshop
  • energy
  • petrol and chemical
  • mould
  • automotive
  • navy
  • design

We can operate with different materials:

  • wood
  • synthetic or polyurethane resin
  • polystyrene
  • aluminium

In parallel with the core business, as pattern maker, Modelmec srl provides complementary activities: restoration, customization, finalization (casting flow, vent, well, filter, etc…) in order to support our customers’ needs.


Our internal design office can create a full 3D project including mould and stiffening based on 2D sketches or provided straight by our customers. Following the acceptance, the file will be used to create the final pattern by our CNC machine..